Could your decentralized token project run afoul of securities laws?

Peter Van Valkenburgh answers one of the key questions digital currency developers have been asking themselves with his presentation at Ethereum’s DevCon2 in Shanghai.

President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

Jerry Brito gives the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology an overview of cryptocurrencies and discusses some their potential applications.

Jerry Brito on what Coin Center believes in, and what we do

In his remarks at the Coin Center Annual Dinner, Jerry Brito lays out what Coin Center does to protect and foster Bitcoin innovation. 

Introducing the Delaware Blockchain Initiative

Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware joined Consensus 2016 for a keynote outlining his state's innovative approach to attracting blockchain businesses. The initiative was then discussed by its creators on a panel moderated by Coin Center's Jerry Brito.

Fred Wilson on his continued belief in Bitcoin and the blockchain

"If they aren't laughing at you, you're working on the wrong thing." Veteran investor Fred Wilson, co-founder of Union Square Ventures, delivers remarks at the Coin Center Annual Dinner. 

The Future of Blockchain Regulation

Top current and former senior government officials shared high-level views on the evolving policy landscape for digital currency and blockchain technologies at the Consensus 2016 conference. 

Banking for Virtual Currency Companies

Robin Weisman moderates a panel discussing the difficulty digital currency businesses have had in securing banking relationships. This took place at the Consensus 2016 conference, hosted by CoinDesk, Digital Currency Group and Coin Center. 

Unlocking the Power of Smart Contracts

Peter Van Valkenburgh joins a panel discussing the the applications and implications of smart contracts. This took place at the Consensus 2016 conference, hosted by CoinDesk, Digital Currency Group and Coin Center. 

Coin Center's Brito skeptical about Bitcoin creator claims

Jerry Brito talks with Reuters' Bobbi Rebell about Craig Wright the Australian tech entrepreneur who says he is the creator of Bitcoin.

Where things Stand with Cryptocurrency & Public Policy

Jerry Brito gives an overview of the regulatory landscape at a cryptocurrency policy conference that Coin Center teamed up with the Cato institute to produce.

The Fourth Amendment Challenge

Jerry Brito moderates a panel discussion of the fourth ammendment questions raised by this technology at a cryptocurrency policy conference that Coin Center teamed up with the Cato institute to produce.

The Consumer Protection Challenge

Peter van Valkenburgh moderates a panel on the consumer protections questions raised by this technology at a cryptocurrency policy conference that Coin Center teamed with the Cato Institute to produce. 

Testimony before US House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade

Jerry Brito along with other experts and industry leaders were invited to give an overview of Bitcoin technology and answer questions from policymakers.

We tell Washington: an open global blockchain is the innovation that matters

Jerry Brito lays out the case for decentralized, open, permissionless ledgers at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC.

Regulatory approaches to Bitcoin's fast paced innovation

Jerry Brito makes the case at a Brookings Institution event to allow this technology to develop and only intervene where there is a clear problem--especially since the technology will continue to be developed even with prophylactic regulation.

Bitcoin's regulatory questions and challenges

Our Robin Weisman was called to jump into a panel discussion at the Brookings Institution. She was asked to clarify the regulatory landscape for digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Here is what she said. 

Fox Business asks, "Do digital currencies make it easier for terrorists to move money?"

Jerry Brito joins Dierdre Bolton on Fox Business to share the facts and dispel myths about Bitcoin and terrorist financing. 

“Digital Gold” Google Book Event w/ Nathaniel Popper

Coin Center and Google DC hosted a conversation with Nathaniel Popper of the New York Times. His new book, Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside History of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money, documents the early history of cryptocurrency and features many of the players who have been part of building it into a global phenomenon.

Testimony before California Senate

Coin Center, Coinbase, and the Internet Association testified in support of California's AB 1326 Virtual Currency

Bloomberg: Is Bitcoin an Emerging Safe Haven Amid Greek Uncertainty?

Director of research Peter van Valkenburgh went on air with Bloomberg West to discuss the possibility that Bitcoin sees a boost in interest during times of economic uncertainty, such as that seen recently in Greece. 

How the Blockchain Could Change Everything

Jerry Brito briefed Techonomy Policy, one of the largest tech policy conferences in the United States, on the disruptive potential of open blockchains. 

Bitcoin's Regulatory Nightmare Is About to Get More Frightening

Let’s say you want to start a Bitcoin company in the U.S., chances are you’re going to need a Money Transmitter License, or rather 51 of them, because 47 states three territories and the District of Columbia each have their own permitting process for any business that handles money on behalf of its customers.

Jerry Brito discusses Bitcoin with Foreign Affairs Magazine

Coin Center executive director Jerry Brito sat down with Gideon Rose, Editor of Foreign Affairs, to talk through the basics of Bitcoin. Topics covered include the technology's growth potential, it’s benefits over traditional payments systems, and Bitcoin's regulatory landscape.

Video: Can Bitcoin Feed a Family?

Bitcoin remittances can help workers send more money to their families.

Video: Three Things to Know About Bitcoin

Some basic facts about the technology. 

Foreign Affairs Cryptocurrency Policy Forum

Foreign Affairs, the distinguished journal published by the Council on Foreign Relations, held a forum in New York City for the technical, legal and political community to come together and discuss cryptocurrency.

EU Science and Technology Options Assessment Meeting

Coin Center Director of Research, Peter Van Valkenburgh, discusses Bitcoin at the EU Parliament Science and Technology Options Assessment Meeting.

Talks @ Goldman Sachs: The Evolution of Bitcoin

Executive Director Jerry Brito was joined on stage by Balaji Srininvasan, CEO of 21 Inc. and Coin Center Board Member, at the Goldman Sachs Future of Finance Forum to discuss the evolution of Bitcoin and its long term potential.

Bloomberg Panel on Bitcoin Regulation

Jerry Brito moderates panel on Bitcoin Regulation with Jennifer Shasky Calvery, Mark Wetjen, Arthur Levitt, and Jim Newsome

Testimony before the U.S. CFTC Global Markets Advisory Committee

Jerry Brito discusses cryptocurrencies and the technology's implication for derivatives in global markets. 

Testimony Before the House Committee on Small Business

On the Benefits and Risks of Bitcoin for Small Businesses.

Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

Jerry Brito Testifies Before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on Bitcoin

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