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Securities Laws Aren't the Only Rules Token Sales Have to Consider

Peter Van Valkenburgh discusses potential AML/KYC issues for cryptographic token sales.

This article originally appeared in CoinDesk.

Framework for Securities Regulation of Cryptocurrencies

We lay out the case for treating some cryptocurrencies as securities—and some not.

Could your decentralized token project run afoul of securities laws?

We are at Devcon2 in Shanghai this week, where research director Peter Van Valkenburgh gave a talk on how securities regulators look at decentralized tokens and what developers should think about before issuing them.

How are Cryptocurrency Investments Different than Securities Investments?

Attorney Jason Somensatto explains why investments in cryptocurrencies pose different risks and rewards and raise different policy concerns than investments in traditional securities.

Comments to the Securities and Exchange Commission on the Bitcoin Investment Trust

This would give the investing public a safe and secure financial instrument on a national securities exchange with which to obtain the bitcoin exposure they seek.

A Securities Law Framework for Blockchain Tokens

An open source and free to use framework prepared in collaboration with Coinbase, Union Square Ventures and Consensys.

Comments to the European Securities and Markets Authority on its Consultation on Distributed Ledger Technology Applied to Securities Markets

Our comments on ESMA’s conclusion that “open” or “permissionless” blockchains may be inappropriate for financial services in its discussion paper entitled, “The Distributed Ledger Technology Applied to Securities Markets.”

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