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Letter of Support for AB 1326 to California State Senate

The updated bill would create a smart licensing regime for virtual currency businesses in the state.

Letter to the to the California Senate Banking and Financial Services Institutions Committee

Coin Center sent this letter outlining its concerns with the amended language of California's Assembly Bill 1326 Digital Currency.

New California digital currency bill is a step backwards

The California Legislature has released a new version of AB 1326, and it’s bad news for anyone who loves Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Here are our top concerns.

Testimony before California Senate

Coin Center, Coinbase, and the Internet Association testified in support of California's AB 1326 Virtual Currency

California updated its digital currency legislation and it looks great

A new amended draft of California’s AB 1326 was released this morning—and it’s good news for us and Bitcoin advocates everywhere. Today, we’re issuing a letter of support for the legislation. Here’s why.

Celebrating one year of crypto-advocacy

Over 100 meetings with policymakers later, an update on our first year of cryptocurrency advocacy.

Sponsor of California’s Bitcoin bill responds to critics, here’s our take

Opposition to California's proposed digital currency bill is misguided. Here's why. 

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