Coin Center releases March 2015 Bitcoin Public Sentiment Survey Data

The first time American attitudes toward Bitcoin have been measured using a statistically sound sampling technique.

Today Coin Center released this month’s data from our ongoing Bitcoin Public Sentiment Survey. The survey measures American attitudes toward Bitcoin using a statistically sound sampling technique, the first of its kind.

Some of the top-line findings from this month’s sample are:

  • 64.3% of Americans surveyed indicated that they are not familiar at all with Bitcoin.
  • Of those who are familiar with Bitcoin, 82.7% have never used it.
  • Of those who are familiar with Bitcoin, 51% of respondents feel that Bitcoin has at least some usefulness today. A quarter of respondents believe that it is not useful at all. The remaining 24% answered that they did not know.

To download this months data, as well as historic data, visit our survey page.

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