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We Are Coin Center

September 18, 2014

Dear friends,

Today I'm pleased to announce Coin Center, a new non-profit research and advocacy center focused on the public policy issues facing cryptocurrency technologies such as Bitcoin. Our mission is to build a better understanding of these technologies and to promote a regulatory climate that preserves maximum freedom of action for digital currency innovation. We will do this by producing and publishing policy research from respected academics and experts, educating policymakers and the media about block chain technology, and by engaging in advocacy for sound public policy.

Digital currencies like Bitcoin will be an important part of our economy, and policymakers are now beginning to consider how to regulate their use. As a result, there is a need for an organization that can be a trusted and credible source of information about the regulatory implications of digital currencies. We seek to be that trusted and credible source.

Coin Center is still getting off the ground, but we are incredibly lucky that we will have a great group of initial board members including Marc Andreessen, Balaji Srinivasan, Jeff Garzik, Alex Morcos, and Prof. Susan Athey. We are also very fortunate to start with an annual budget of over $1 million thanks to the generous initial support of companies and individuals including Andreessen Horowitz, Hudson River Trading, Union Square Ventures, RRE Ventures, Emil Woods of Liberty City Ventures, Charles Cascarilla of itBit, Barry Silbert, BitPay, Coinbase, BitGo, and Xapo.

As we build out our new organization in the coming weeks and months, we will share more details about our work and how you can support us. Please sign up above to receive our updates by email, and follow us on Twitter. Right now we just wanted to let you know that today there is a new voice for Bitcoin.


Jerry Brito
Executive Director,
Coin Center